How do I best prepare for my doctor office visit??

Many consumers of healthcare have regular office visits with their doctors or other medical providers. Direct one on one time spent with providers during these visits is valuable and in many cases limited. Consequently, clearly communicating your needs, questions and intent of your visit to your provider is useful in maximizing patient satisfaction, healthcare outcomes and medical provider satisfaction. So as the patient, how can you best contribute to your visit?

  1. Create a patient cover letter and deliver it before your visit. In your letter, let the provider know why you are visiting, as well as questions or concerns you have. This may seem bizarre on its face, but the more information the provider has about you in advance, the more likely the provider may be able to prepare. The cover letter, should be concise, highlighting the main reason for your visit and the questions you have.

  2. Come prepared to your office visit with a list questions and items to address with your provider. Evidence suggests that a clear reminder list can result in slightly longer office visits and may improve your healthcare experience.

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